Underfloor Heating Pipe


If you are looking to install underfloor heating into your home then an underfloor heating pipe is an essential part of your heating kit. All out heating pipes come in various lengths and diameters, ranging from 25mm to 400 mm in length.

To ensure the quality of our underfloor heating pipes all our pipes are made from Rifeng. As a market leader in wet under floor heating pipes they are always high quality and WRAS approved. Consisting of five layer composite pipes it utilises the benefits of using both metal and plastic piping and avoids the disadvantage of using both these materials individually.

Our underfloor heating pipes create a sleek inner surface to stop corrosion, as a result there is 30% more flowing than other traditional piping systems

It can often be difficult to install an underfloor heating system; this is why we supply underfloor heating pipes that create a stable bend which remain in place. This creates and easy and faster method of installing underfloor heating pipe layouts.

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